Creation of Corporate Social Responsibility

At Microsoft Corporation, Corporate social responsibility (CSR) was ranked number one for its notable contribution to the community.  Moreover, CSR was in line with its vision, which is to help people and organizations on the planet and achieve more by realizing their full potential (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2013). Secondly, its mission to empower every person and organization on the globe to more innovative. Thirdly, it based its values on innovation, diversity and diffusion, CSR as well as the environment. Therefore, CSR has an impact on business ideas and potential ethical issue which may affect the whole process.

Microsoft Corporation releases a Corporate Report yearly and it comprises the particulars of CSR initiatives and programs that are engaged by the firm. The institutions spends more than $1 billion on CSR initiatives during 2014 that includes cash donations of $120 million and also in-kind donations worth $948.6 million (Mullerat, 2010). Additionally, the charitable activities of Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation started by Bill Gates is related with Microsoft in perception of general public to a certain extent.

As the global computer technology business, Microsoft has followed necessary steps for a CSR strategy which will satisfy interest of its major stakeholders. The firms has performance when addressing the stakeholders. As a result, Microsoft’s stresses on environmental stability, transparency, and human rights to ensure that this CSR strategy stays relevant to present market conditions. On contrary, a problem typical in huge firms like Microsoft is the absence of immediate response to personal inquiries and complaints (Mullerat, 2010). Therefore, a recommendation is that the firm should invest in huge assistance from community to collect knowledge sharing which may enhance CSR strategy…

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