Cuban Missile Crisis Research Paper 1800 Words

Need this Cuban Missile Crisis Research paper thats 1800 words by tommorow 

Your first draft will be evaluatedagainst this checklist. Each checked item is worth 20 points.

The purpose of the research paper—toinform the reader—is evident.

The research paper has an introduction,body, and conclusion.

The thesis statement is included in theintroduction.

The body paragraphs contain facts andquotations from research.

The research paper includes formatting,graphics, and multimedia.

The research paper includes bothin-text citations and a Works Cited page.

The citations include both print andInternet sources.

The language of the research paper isformal and includes domain-specific vocabulary and literarytechniques or devices that help convey complex ideas.

The tone is serious and the voice isobjective.

The paper has 1,800–2,700 words.

Total possiblepoints for first draft is 200 points.

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