For this assignment you will need to identify a specific Art or Design research topic. You may choose an artist or designer you find interesting (like Frida Kahlo, Marc Jacobs, George Lucas or Zaha Hadid) or a specific style of art or design (Cubism, Art Deco, Modernism, or Post Modernism). Using library and online scholarly resources provide an introduction and general overview on the topic you have chosen. Be sure to include at least 3 relevant images or pictures exemplifying the artistic or design work being discussed (no photos of the actual artist or designer – images of the works they have done). Keep in mind that all images should be discussed in the text as well as cited on the reference page. This paper should have a minimum of three citations (using credible sources). Of those three citations, you must use one physical book and one scholarly journal

Cubism that began in the year 1907 was among the important kind of visual arts during the 20th century. A Spanish; Pablo Picasso, and a French person; Georges Braque were the developers of the Cubism Movement that was later adopted by various artists. The Cubists were against the art concept at the period, that focused on nature and the conventional methods of foreshortening, perspectives, and modeling. The style reflected the modernity of the 20th Century that saw advances in technology and borrowed a lot from the African Art (Robinson 179). The first phase of the movement was made up of the analytical cubists that evaluated natural forms and reduced them to geometric parts that were assembled to represent the same item. The Synthetic Cubism developed from the Analytical Cubism and utilized more colorful, direct, and decorative style. The notable paintings that employed the Cubist style include ‘Violin and Jug’ by Georges Braque, ‘Girl with a Mandolin’ by Pablo Picasso, and the ‘Fantomas’ by Juan Gris.             Georges Braque is one of the artists that helped create the Cubism Style. The ‘Violin and Jug’ is one of the artworks that illustrates analytical cubism in which Braque breaks up the subjects and reassembles its various views using monochromatic color….

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