Current Event Article Critique

You are to find and critique an article regarding a current event related to the field of Psychology.
-Take your article from a popular publication such as Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, etc. The article must have been published within the past year.
-Do not use an internet blog, a professional journal or newspaper article. These sources are likely either too brief or too complex for this assignment.
-Look for a thorough article that is written for the general public.
Insure that your article relates to Psychology and one of the subjects covered in the course (If you are not sure, refer to the table of contents of your text)
-Make sure that the article has sufficient depth and breadth (enough content and specific information) to allow a thorough critique.
Critiques of the article must include the following:

-identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article
-Identify information/evidence in the article that supports its point of view and/or conclusions.
-Analyze both the student’s and the author’s assumptions regarding the article’s point of view and/or conclusions.
-identify background information relevant to the article’s point of view and conclusions.
-Explore and evaluate the issue(s) relevance to real world problems and solutions.
-Clarify the student’s own position, perspective and/or hypothesis.
-Explain the conclusions, implications and/or consequences of the article.

Article Critique: Esposito, L. (2015). To Sleep Better, Stay Cool and Cut Clutter. US News & World Report. Retrieved 5 January 2016, from

The article written by Lisa Esposito, a Patient Advice Reporter, provides possible mechanisms that people can adopt to help them realize improved sleep. The author suggests some of the sleeping setup issues that can help improve sleep. According to Esposito, it is critical for one to have an organized room to prevent sleeping disorders. Also, a cool environment that is not too dry or humid, achievable by wearing light clothing and controlling temperatures ensures an excellent sleeping atmosphere. Moreover, a dark and quiet room is the best environment that one can achieve quality sleep. The writer provides exceptional ways that can help the audience realize the serene environment for sleeping. The author concludes that one should ensure the room is refreshing and is not cluttered, block noise, and read books before sleeping to enable proper mind rest (Esposito, 2015).

The author makes use of several supporting information from experts in the article that enhances the credibility of the arguments. Esposito explains that organizing the bedroom aids in improving sleep and provides Thatcher’s study as the evidence of this opinion (Esposito, 2015). Pamela Thatcher is a clinical psychologist and therefore has extensive knowledge in issues concerning psychology that gives assurance to the reader that the matters outlined are accurate. Additionally, the provision of Thatcher’s direct quotes ensures that one gets the undistorted information directly from the expert. Also, in expounding of the need to have the appropriate sleeping environment, Esposito refers to research findings that make her arguments credible. The author makes reference to the study led by Dr. Francesco Celi in 2014 concerning the impact of night room temperatures to generate her conclusions. Additionally, Esposito utilizes Dr. Mathias Basner, a sleep professor, to explain how noise disrupts sleep.

The writer bases her suggestions on the challenges that many individuals face currently regarding sleeping and comes up with probable solutions. The various advances in life have led to people having reduced or disturbed sleeping time that has contributed to people experiencing many problems. Adequate sleep presents numerous psychological advantages that make it necessary to understand the things that may hinder its achievement. According to Martin (2007), sleep is essential for a healthy and happy human being. The author thus utilizes this foundation to develop several views and arguments. However, the writer fails to highlight the relevant background details in the article. There is no explanation of the impacts that sleep loss can have on one’s daily activities and health….

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