Customer Satisfaction

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Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students.

Due Thursday

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

· Customer satisfaction surveys are everywhere, but do they measure loyalty? Review the “Building, Measuring, and Profiting from Customer Loyalty” article from the University Library. Briefly summarize key points from this article and discuss strategies for earning and measuring customer loyalty.

Marketing Communication, Branding, and Customer Loyalty · Edmiston, D. (2015). Strategic digital marketing. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 24(1), 90-91. · Horst, P., & Duboff, R. (2015). Don’t Let Big Data Bury Your Brand. Harvard Business Review, 93(11), 78-86. · Karjaluoto, H., Mustonen, N., & Ulkuniemi, P. (2015). The role of digital channels in industrial marketing communications. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 30(6), 703-710. · Watson, G., Beck, J., Henderson, C., & Palmatier, R. (2015). Building, measuring, and profiting from customer loyalty. Journal Of The Academy Of Marketing Science, 43(6

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