A cyber-crime is a crime that involves a computer and the Internet. A forensics investigation involves gathering and preserving evidence in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. research any recent (within the past 12 months), real-world cyber-crime. Discuss each of the following scenarios:

1.What was the cyber-crime? Who or what did the cyber-crime affect?
2.How did the cyber-crime occur?
3.In your opinion, how could the cyber- crime have been avoided?
4.How would you conduct the forensics investigation for this cyber-crime?

In the recent past, there has been an increased focus on the health sector as a target by malicious actors. The Ransomware attacks that increased significantly in 2016 led to an increase in the number of attacks experienced in the health industry. The New Jersey Spine Centre experienced a Ransomware attack by Cryptowall. The attack led to the lockup of the hospital’s Electronic Health Records, as well as backups, and phone system. The Ransomware was installed, jamming up the organization’s systems. Consequently, critical activities in the hospital were paralyzed (HIPAA Journal, 2016). The Ransomware installed encrypted the electronic health records of the patients as well as the backup files, making them unavailable to the legitimate users…

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