Database Assignment Computer Science Homework Help

I need a simple database project using MS Access consisting of only 3-4 Classes. It must come up with a report with 6-7 pages of carefully laid out text, figures and diagrams. The report should include the following:

* A description of the database problem tackled.
* A class diagram of the application, showing the various classes identified and their associations. UML notation must be used.
* The normalised relations that you will implement in the software, showing the attributes and keys together with their field type and “picture” (for example, the type of data that is held – text, a date, a number etc.)
* A sample table of the basic relations set up in the database software together with a small amount of data.
* Designs of data input screens and reports and queries produced.
* A brief description of how the system is operated and the commands used to undertake each task.
* Examples of the report produced.

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