Date Taming the Wild Tongue

Please submit your reading response of one or two paragraphs. Remember, you should not summarize the reading. Instead you should identify the main argument and share your own thoughts and ideas about it.

Gloria Anzaldua in her book, Borderlands, included a chapter titled “Taming the Wild Tongue.” The chapter concentrates on the language of the Mexicans. The author pays attention to education and gender bias. Students in American schools are expected to speak English fluently. Additionally, they are required to get rid of any Mexican accent. The author describes her ordeal at school in which she is punished for merely trying to correct her teacher. It is termed as talking back. The scenario represents a case of denial to the freedom of expression. Everybody is entitled to the right to express their opinions without interference from the authority. However, this is not the case at American schools as per the article. Students are subjected to additional speech classes to get rid of their accent. It is not fair to punish student simply because of their place of origin. People should be allowed to hold on to their tradition, be it the mode of dressing or the way of talking. Wiping out an aspect of someone’s language is an act of disrespect to the concerned community…

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