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In my practice setting, the Emergency Department is very conscientious of Septic patients with their overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection.  Starting with a sepsis screening tool during triage, nursing staff are to look for patients who present with signs and symptoms of infection.  A few of these symptoms include temperature of < 96.8f or > 101.0f, heart rate > 90 or a change in mental status. If it is deemed the patient is potentially Septic, they are placed in a bed immediately. After determining if the patient is emergent, step two of the sepsis screening tool is to re-evaluate after lab results are received. Treatment of antibiotics and fluids should be completed per protocol for my facility within 3 hours of triage and then re-assessed again within 6 hours of triage. The desired patient outcome that is achieved through this approach helps to decrease tissue damage, organ failure and death.

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