Decisions and Issues in IMC

You need to identify and select 1-3 articles from the contemporary business (not academic) literature about a current IMC ‘hot topic’ of your choice relating to the five decision areas covered in this unit.

This means you will discuss a total of five IMC topics:

  1. One topic in the area of setting objectives
  2. One topic in the area of determining the role of the IMC tools
  3. One topic in the area of message strategy
  4. One topic in the area of media strategy
  5. One topic in the area of measuring the effects of IMC

The articles should be drawn from contemporary business literature, including the Internet, daily newspapers, the financial press or the general business press. Some examples of potential sources are: Australian Financial Review (, B&T Magazine (, AdWeek (, AdNews (, AdvertisingAge (, Nielsen (, etc.

You are required to analyse the five topics selected using IMC concepts/principles and outline their implications.

Please follow the format below for each one of the decision areas. This means that the format below will be repeated five times for your portfolio.

Setting Objectives

  1. Introduction

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is made effective by setting advertising objectives that address the needs of a target audience (Schultz, Kerr, Kim, & Patti, 2007). The objectives provide a response model that marketers can develop and disseminate information to move consumers along the desired path. The considerations allow IMC to focus on what the marketer wants to say when they want to say it, and about the things the market perceives to be important about the brand. Additionally, it determines the type of media the company wants to use. A considerable approach used by many businesses in planning IMC objectives is studying the various media used by customers, and when the message might be most appropriate to customers (Busch, Seidenspinner, & Unger, 2007). Suggestively, the availability of various platforms to reach consumers need clear and precise objectives to be stated.

  •  IMC Topic/Issue

Facebook announced the acquisition of the popular messaging application; WhatsApp in 2014. Critical reviews show that various organizations and individuals raised concerns over data privacy given that Facebook have become a key advertising medium for many corporations across the world. Recently, WhatsApp has announced that it was altering its privacy policy to enable the transfer of phone user contacts and other data, allowing Facebook to enhance communication between brand and consumers (Caffyn, 2016; Kaye, 2016). Consequently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, as well as the Centre for Digital Democracy have initiated investigations on WhatsApp, claiming the handover of data to Facebook as being unfair and deceptive (Kaye, 2016). The IMC approach emerging from this initiative has bases on the objective that facilitates Facebook to use the data, including contacts and tracking metrics to develop Facebook ads that target certain users. Additionally, it will facilitate increased communication between enterprises and WhatsApp users. For instance, Kaye (2016) States that clients can get notifications about flight delays making it useful for airline companies.

Facebook ads have become a major marketing tool in the digital world. Nevertheless, data privacy issues that allude to ethical business practices have risen concerns among many users. Consequently, it is important for organizations using the platform to review the sustainability as users become more concerned about their privacy.

3.  Analytical Observations

3.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts Highly competitive markets lead to phenomena that influences change in information dissemination approaches, change of marketing personnel’s attitude and considerations on the expenses in transmitting company information. Suggestively, IMC strategies require a medium that will reach a large number of target audience at a low cost (Ekhlassi, Maghsoodi, & Mehrmanesh, 2015). The move by Facebook to use WhatsApp data to customize ads will ensure that marketers using Facebook reach the target audience effectively. Facebook has many registered users across the world. The social media site has the capabilities to use various languages, ensuring that information transmitted to the consumer reaches in a language that one can understand. According to Heine (2016), Facebook advertising can also have shortcomings as experienced by the Harmon Brothers. The Harmon Brothers FiberFix initiative had spent over $100,000 pushing a video that garnered over 16 million views on Facebook…

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