Developing Pastoral Leadership to Address Associate Minister Support Team in Post-Modern Era

The role of the Associate Minister Support group in the post-modern period entails directing church development in the entire life discipleship of both young and old congregations. The contemporary growth in church obligations incorporates working to achieve the objectives of the church and adhering to set obligation so as to achieve the vision and mission[1]. It additionally incorporates oversight of grooming new activities in evangelism through discipleship, preparing and creating believer-centered exercises and occasions. It also incorporates working with a support group in the execution of Chapel mission. The leadership role comes to play as the support team are obliged to perform the full scope of administrative and pastoral roles such as preaching, and supporting Ministers’ and senior ordained individuals’ work in the church[2]. The Associate Minister Support group of any church is responsible for enhancing pastoral leadership through creating and advancing the church’s message, mission, and vision similarly as stipulated by the message, vision, and mission of Jesus Christ[3]. The Associate Minister Support team requires effective leadership so as to support the ordained Minister in the deliverance of pastoral roles and obligations[4].

To develop a contemporary Associate Minister Support Team, it all starts by establishing a good pastoral leadership model. To develop an effective pastoral leadership for the team means building an ability to give administration of high caliber and proper worship encounters. The contemporary worship is regularly centered on finding out about God as the sole creator of the universe [5]. Postmodern period ministers ought not to consider worshiping as an aspect of the head, but rather as an issue concerning the heart. Effective 21st-century ministers comprehend the requirement for socially pertinent worship characterized by uprightness, integrity and should represent the heart of believers and adherents. To develop an effective pastoral leadership, the model to be adopted should be able to distinguish, create, and bolster lay pioneers within the Associate Minister Support group. Before developing a pastoral leadership model that addresses the Associate Minister Support team, it is imperative to note that the viable postmodern ministry identifies the right of every individual to hold a personal ministry and that the old church was a development drove essentially by the common people[6]….

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