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Please view this TedTalk by Alex Cabanas and relate it to some of our readings within the 1st few chapters. What stands out to you? Also, please share an excellent customer service moment that you have encountered (and remember).


(Chapter 1: Introduction: The Metamorphosis of Service

This chapter will begin by defining the difference of providing and managing goods vs. services. It starts with the growth and changing patterns of tourism and hospitality and how that is affecting the global scope of service delivery. As the rest of the book will dive into deeper details, this first chapter describes the origins and evolution of the service management framework, servitization, it’s interdependence of service provisions, and concludes with service management theory.

Chapter 2: The Nature of Service

This chapter addresses the nature of service, and compares services with the products of the manufacturing industries. The management and marketing of a service therefore requires approaches that are quiet different from those traditionally used in the management and marketing of manufacturing goods.

The chapter discusses the four distinctive features of service: intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability (IHIP); and goes into further details of their management implications.

Chapter 3: Service Quality

This chapter begins with an outline of the history and development of quality management and the contribution of quality ‘gurus’ to the formation and promotion of quality control principles. Service quality is difficult to define and difficult to control, and various measures of service quality have been proposed. This chapter presents some of the most significant service quality management theories, together with their implications for hospitality and tourism managers.

Chapter 4 Understanding and Engaging Customers

This chapter helps us to learn how to understand what the customers are thinking and what an important skill that is in any business. The chapter will distinguish between various categories of customers, specifically external and internal. It will discuss the concept of guestology, the study of consumer behaviors and will elaborate on the implications for quality.)

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