Discussion Board 2

Can you help me understand this Philosophy question?

NOTE: This OD is based on the Introduction and chapter 1 of your text. Please be sure that you have carefully studied these readings before you do this OD.

  1. Differentiate as clearly and as thoroughly as you can between

a. The view on the pacifist and the view of the realist

b. Jus ad bellum and Jus in bello

c. Political realism and military realism

  1. a. Cicero noted that soldiers who continued to fight in campaigns after they had been discharged from military service might be charged with murder. Do you agree with such a policy? Explain fully your answer.

b. Why do you suppose that Cicero believed such as this policy to be worthy of discussion?

Christopher, Paul. (2004). The Ethics of War & Peace: An Introduction to Legal and Moral Issues (3rd edition). Pearson/Prentice Hall. (ISBN: 0-13-092383-4)

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