Discussion: Importance of Feedback

Week 4 Discussion: Discussion: Importance of Feedback

Activity Description


Post a discussion regarding the importance of receiving and responding to feedback on your scholarly writing. Indicate what you have learned about the scholarly writing process up to this point in your academic career. How will feedback and peer-review help you to write a critical review of the research literature? Support your assertions with the readings from this course.

Giles, Gilbert, and McNeill (2014) review that feedback is important in the learning process. Scholars studying student’s performance have found out that the instructor’s feedback, as well as how the learners process it determines their academic success. According to Young (2000), feedback plays a key role in teaching and learning in higher education. It is important in developing independent learners, who become developers of knowledge. By receiving and responding to feedback, students develop the abilities to regulate, monitor and evaluate their personal learning (Young, 2000).

Scholarly writing is an imperative facet of higher education. It facilitates research on specific areas and offers criticism on other publications. Written feedback on scholarly articles improves knowledge understanding and future research work…

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