Discussion Post: The Global Imperative

I need support with this Business question so I can learn better.

Part1: Please answer the question in a min of 250 words.

  • Discuss the importance of comparative advantage and how this influences trade between countries.
  • Your textbook discusses the five (5) stages in the evolution of marketing across national boundaries. Select one (1) of your favorite products (ex. Apple, Nike, or McDonalds) and explain what stage the company is currently operating at. Be sure to provide support for your reasoning.

Part 2: Please comment and give your opinion on the student post below. Please answer the the question in a min of 100 words.

Apple does an amazing job when it comes to comparative advantage. My sons keep me up with the new Apple trend. Currently, the airpods are the new thing! They appear to be the best thing when working out and just moving around in general. Apple appears to be alot of thought into their consumers and what we are looking for when doing operating a business or raising our family. Globally they will remain effective and trendy because it is the expectation of the company. The sales era is what Apple seems to be in. Apple products sell immediately once they hit the marketplace. Apple creates products for all ages and that is so appealing to consumers. Apple remains in the lead when it comes to their competitors.

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