Discussion Questions

Chapter 12: 3PL

  1. Transportation based: Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics provider for General Motors, Toyota, and Honda, uses an inbound supply chain management model to sequence centers and dedicate contract carriage operations on time. The model helps provide comprehensive supply chain solutions such as transportation and distribution services to its clients.
  2. Distribution based: USCO Logistics Inc. is based in Citrus Heights, California that provides distribution services all over the United States. It uses advanced web architecture and global data model, the GC3 software that provides a seamless bridge to its warehouse services and transportation management to support every business unit and regions. It also offers an integrated and automated global logistics solutions that collaborate multiple users.
  3. Forwarder based: Fritz Advanced Logistics and Freight Forwarding Solution, located in Israel and worldwide, provides international forwarding services, supply chain management, and advanced logistics. It uses achievement oriented vision to guarantee excellent results to customers.
  4. Financial based: FleetBoston Financial Corporation provides financial services such as brokerage accounts, loan origination, and retail banking. It uses online technology to respond to the rise of internet use, and the model lowers cost structures, increases flexibility and increases revenue outside banking.

Information based: Nistevo Corporation is a web-based logistics network that helps companies such as General Mills, Baxter Healthcare and Cargill to plan and implement their shipments every day. It uses network model that offers technology by subscription and helps the company deliver information quickly and with low risk…

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