Discussion: Requirements for High Reliability

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Since the mid-twentieth century, much patient care delivery has moved from the inpatient setting to the ambulatory clinic. Because this trend is likely to continue, matching clinic capacity to patient demand becomes a critical operating skill.

—Daniel B. McLaughlin and John R. Olson

Becoming and sustaining the ability to be a highly reliable organization has developed into a critical focus for not only patient care, but also regulatory agencies and managed care organizations. Depending on an organization’s state of readiness, meeting the criteria for high reliability can be a challenging transition.

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To prepare for this Discussion:

Read Chapter 12 of the course text and this week’s Learning Resources, then reflect on how your health care organization, or a health care organization with which you are familiar, meets the criteria for high reliability. If you are currently working in a health care organization, what has been your experience in preparing for this transition to become a highly reliable organization?

Post a cohesive response to the following:

Assess the health organization in which you work or one with which you are familiar, and describe how staffing and scheduling processes in particular make your organization a high-reliability organization. Then, evaluate any areas that may need improvement, and recommend steps for improvement.

In your evaluation and recommendation, consider the requirements and standards in becoming a highly reliable organization. Do these standards hinder or improve the quality of care? Justify your rationale.

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