Disunity Within The House Of Labor Change To Win Or Stay The Course

Thearticle discusses how the Change to Win Federation (CTWF) developed anew alliance separate from the AFL-CIO. The alliance encompasses sevenmajor U.S. unions and represents 5.4 million workers. The CTWF set outwith a mission to organize the unorganized and charge lower monthlymember fees. The revenues from the dues would be solely used forreorganization. This new alliance can potentially increase unionmembership through increased competition with rival affiliates.

Please answer the following questions based on the article:

1. Thearticle states, that labor’s greatest period of growth was between1935-1954, when there were two rival federations fighting for marketshare. Why do you think union membership rose during that period ofincreased rival competition? Do you see the same thing happening today?

2. According to the article it’s necessary for CTWF to figure out whatnonunion workers want from their workplace representative and reshapeits image and package of services. How can CTWF identify what nonunionworkers want and reshape their image and service offerings?

3. Union participation is declining among younger workers.  Why do youbelieve this is happening? If you were appointed as president of theCTWF, what would you do to boost participation of these workers?

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