Do the analysis on the page 290 ( Your effectiveness as a Negotiator) and answer the questions

FROM: Visions Properties.

SUBJECT: Negotiation Agreement.

My team had put together a very tough group to negotiate a transaction with a client. The other party stated their price with the low bid. Our team interjected and mentioned our value, which the other group did not like and hence stomped out of the room. My side politely called them back so that we can maintain credibility. As the negotiation unfolded, they realized they were wrong on the method procedure. We then reached the consensus after they called professionals and closed the deal.

The issue for the negotiation was to close a deal worth a million dollars. Our team wanted to sell the property at three million dollars while the other party wanted to buy at two million dollars. The other party charge was too little, and so we were forced to interject before they continued with the discussion, which made them angry and willing to leave the room. The party only viewed the problem and not the relationship, for this reason, it was hard for us to connect. They could not separate the people and the emotion from the problem. They argued that we should not interrupt them and that they ought to talk as we listen. My crew did not agree with that since their fee was too small and there was no point in any further discussion until the question of money was settled. After a while, we respectfully called them back to continue with intervention and, therefore, this maintained our integrity and honesty…

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