Do You Want the Good News First? By Thomas L. Friedman

1st paragraphs: authors background, authors argument, what is his claim, is he successful in convincing you of his viewpoint, readers interest/thesis. 2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs: are the like the main ideas, but take in consideration the following:

what is the argument and why is effective?

how the author used logos and pathos?

is he successful? why, is he addressing a problem?

if so does he offer a solution? what kind of audience is the author addressing? how you know? what is your additional argument?

5th paragraph: is the conclusion. brief reverse funnel this means restating your argument, synthesize, speculate, and final remark.

Thomas L. Friedman was born to Harold and Margaret Friedman in 1953 on the 20th of July. Harold, who was the vice president of United Bearing, passed away in 1973 while Margaret, a housewife and ex-navy passed away in 2008. Thomas joined the University of Minnesota and Brandeis University where he studied Mediterranean studies. Before he started working for the New York Times, he did reporting in London and covered the civil war stories during that time. Today, Thomas L. Friedman is a well-known columnist and an author of six books. On May 2012, he wrote an article in the New York Times about the level of innovation in Seattle, Silicon Valley, and America in general and what can be done to improve the situation. Thomas provides a convincing point of view by including the facts discovered during his research. The paper below will analyse his point of view.

In the article, Friedman illuminates on the views expressed by some of the greatest business minds in America such a Bezos, Craig Charney, and K.R. Sridhar, who founded the Bloom Energy, among others. There has been an increase in individual empowerment over the years, for instance, getting rid of gatekeepers to allow people to self-publish their own books. However, individual empowerment cannot succeed if there is no investment in the country’s future. The article compares writing to research. It lays claim that the country needs to pay more attention to research, immigration of risk-takers, and high-level education. The argument put forward by Friedman in his article is effective, if implemented. It portrays the exact situation that is in Seattle and Silicon Valley and is informative as well. Not only is it effective but successful as well. The renowned author tries to convince the audience by using reason and logic. He explains that relative to the National Institutes of Health, the biomedical research is decreasing consistently since 2003. It is an alarming figure and thus tries to persuade for the increase in dedication of research…..

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