Does Diversity drive Innovation : Insights from Technology / Ecommerce Industry, emerging trends, and Challenges faced


Introduction. 2

Background. 2

Research Question and Objective. 3

Literature review.. 3

Research Methodology. 7

Data Collection, Analysis, and Discussion. 8

Conclusion. 9

References. 10

Does Diversity Drive Innovation



Diversity in a business setup is defined as the differences that occur due to demographic differences within the workplace regarding age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, and race (Christian, 2014). The accepted definition of diversity in a business setup revolves around non-cognitive and demographics. The benefits of diversity in a workplace do not depend on the way it is embraced, but, rather in the way the company cultivates it.  Demographically, diversity means the capacity at which people learn communication styles, language, functional expertise, and professional skills from others. On the other hand, innovation is defined as a multidimensional aspect that encompasses objective and subjective characteristics. Subjective characteristics of innovation are defined as the ability to have original and creative ideas, the capability to communicate the original ideas to other people and the ability of the people to uptake the communicated ideas (Fan, 2011).

In a business perspective, subjective innovation may encompass the use of technology to design and develop new products, sourcing of new business accomplices and expansion of the information of the product in the global market arena (Forbes, 2014). The objective characteristics of innovation entail the structures that make possible for the new creative ideas to be communicated and induced to other people in beneficial ways. One of the key issues that the global society was facing at the onset of the 19th century was immigration. Since then, there have been a lot of discussions on the advantages that immigration caused especially in the developed countries. The immigration brought about diversity culturally and demographically. The relationship between diversity and innovation is that diversity cultivates innovation.

According to Ozgen (2011), the current business setup is characterized by globalization in the market where innovation plays a greater role in researching new products and ideas that enable organizations to remain competitive. Diversity has played a great role in placing companies at the competitive age in the global market, thus attracting research on the relationship between diversity and innovation.

Research Question and Objective

The aim of the research is to explore how diversity influence innovation. The paper serves to provide answers to the popular expression that diversity unlocks innovation. The paper will be centered on the benefits that businesses have acquired from diversity regarding the creation of new ideas and the employment of technology in researching and developing new products. The research question that the paper focuses on is…..

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