Drug-Related Crime

Collect two articles in a newspaper or magazine that relate to drug-related violent acts or crimes. A selection might focus on organized crime (ex: a drug cartel in Mexico, etc.) or a street-level incident (ex: a homicide among gang members in a turf war). Discuss the articles. The selections should be analyzed in terms of whether the violence or crime would be categorized as pharmacological, economically compulsive, or systemic. Please list your media references at the end of your essay with complete information in APA format so that I can look your sources up.

Drug-related crime refers to any crime that involves the possession, manufacture or distribution of drugs that have been classified as having the potential to be abused. Drug trafficking, as well as drug production, also leads to crimes associated with drug cartels, gangs, as well as organized crime. Drug-related crimes may also involve crimes against individuals such as sexual assaults and robbery. Moreover, drug abuse and addiction have also been associated with drug-related crimes. Studies have shown that misuse of drugs gives a sense of invincibility that results in various forms of crime such as aggression, driving while intoxicated, shoplifting, among others. Drug-related crimes can be divided into three broad groups. Use related crimes are the crimes that arise from or entail individuals who ingest drugs and resultantly conduct crimes due to the effect that the drugs have on their behavior and thought process. Economic related crime refers to the crimes committed by individuals to finance their drug practice such as theft or prostitution. Finally, system related crime entails crimes that arise from the structure of the drug scheme. The production, manufacture, transportation as well as the sale of drugs and the violence associated with these processes such as turf wars fall under this category.            

An article published in The Guardian on the 10th of January 2019 indicated that the police had arrested 22 people and charged 10 others of drug-related crime in the West Midlands and London. The arrests were realized as a result of a drug crackdown, christened Operation Horizon, that was informed by a spate of deaths…

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