Dynamic Supply Chain and its Impacts on Profitability for Fashion Retailing in Australia

Business Research Report Proposal: FINAL Research Proposal Due Friday Week 13, 1500-2500 words worth 30% HARD COPY

The FINAL research proposal will consist of the following NINE (9) items:

  1. A business research topic. Strengthen and improve initial proposal.
  2. A brief literature review of the research topic. Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic.
  3. Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity. Strengthen and improve initial proposal.

4.   Appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project. Strengthen and improve initial proposal

  • A project plan using a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones (if in a group with clearly defined  individual tasks, contributions and milestones). Use Microsoft Project or other software to  produce the Gantt Chart. Your milestones for HI6008 are:

Week 6: Literature Review due.

Week 10: Data Collection and Analysis Report due.  Week 14: Final Business Research (Capstone) Thesis due.

  • Description of the research process. Strengthen and improve initial proposal.
  • Description of data collection and analysis methods. Strengthen and improve initial proposal.
  • Description of expected research outcomes. Strengthen and improve initial proposal.
  • A completed Ethics Checklist. Complete and sign ethics checklist below and attach with FINAL research project proposal.

All students will need to pass the final research proposal submitted in week 12 to be able to start the capstone research proposal in HI6008 the following semester. Submit hard copy of FINAL research report to Holmes by 4pm on Friday of Week 13.

Literature review

            As competition intensified and globalization had adverse effects on the profitability in the markets, challenges also arose in delivering the products to the right place at the right time and reasonable cost. Many businesses figured that it is not enough to improve the factors that increase the efficiency of the organization, but the whole supply chain has to be competitive, cost effective, and a tool for profitability in a particular industry (Lia, Ragu-Nathan, Ragu-Nathanb, & Rao, 20006). The supply chain is a network of independent enterprises that function autonomously to satisfy the market demand by enabling the flow of goods through all levels of design, procurement, development, and delivery (Cachon, Randall, & Schmidt, 2007 ). A supply chain is made up of the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and customers. The retailers facilitate the harmonization of the market demand with the flow of materials from other dealers. The group is also the collector of critical market information that is used to identify the market requirements (Balasubramanian, Whitman, Ramachandran, & Sheelavant, 2013). Challenges in the supply chain such as the bullwhip effect influence how the profitability is attained at various levels, although the process encourages inter-organization association and coordination. The key role of the supply chain is to ensure the movement of raw material from the point of procurement to the customer in the shortest period (Balasubramanian, Whitman, Ramachandran, & Sheelavant, 2013). In the recent past, organizations have upgraded from the traditional supply chain to a dynamic supply chain. The new approach has more agility and has high contributions to the profitability of the company (Beske, Land & Seuring, 2014). This article proposes a study that will address the impact, dynamic supply chains have on the profitability of the retailers in Australia.

Dynamic Supply Chain and its Importance in Fashion Retailing

            Networks play a fundamental role in the achievements of the modern business. A supply chain is made up of transportation, logistical, telecommunication, and a variety of economic networks. A dynamic supply chain integrated all the networks involved to reduce the time and ensure consumers get products in time. In line with this, there have been a development and growth of online businesses that have further simplified the supply chain, making it more profitable by reducing the levels involved and reducing the time taken for goods to reach the market (Nagurney , Ke , & Cruz, 2002).             A dynamic supply chain is the combination of efficient and very responsive supply chains applied for basic and fashion items…

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