ECO 4451Economics of Globalization Answer the question

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Use the following information to create a set of recommendations.……

You have been hired by the owner of a group (1,200) of unique grocery stores in multiple

countries that sell both local products (produce, meat, dairy, eggs) and hard to find imported

products (exotic fruits and vegetables). They store depends on both the availability and

affordability of both imported and domestic products. The tariffs introduced during the current

environment has the owner extremely concerned with the future profitability of the grocery

stores. During the first rounds of tariffs, the store owner absorbed the increase in costs without

raising prices. However, if the tariffs increase anymore the stores will have to increase prices,

resulting in few sells and less profit.

The store has asked you to come up with two sets of recommendations: (1) what public stance

should the owner have about the current environment of tariffs, (2) what the store should do to

minimize the exposure to the risk of loss due to the tariffs. These are two distinct

recommendations and should be discussed separately in your document think Part 1 and Part

2. This assignment will require some delicate thought on both parts.

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