Elizabeth Ann Seton and Caryll Houselander

The paper can not be a bibliography about Elizabeth Ann Seton and Caryll Houselander, it can not be in a form of a timeline. This paper has to compare and contrast how both women suffered throughout their lives; what they had to endure in their lifetime, and what role did suffering play in their lives.(how did suffering make them a better human being? We must use examples from their books and other sources on how they both suffered, and give examples of how they overcome their suffering. we must use at least 3 different sources to talk about these two women. (10 pages is required) & (bibliography page is required)

Elizabeth Ann Seton was born in 1771 in New York (Merwin 1). Her parents were members of the American Episcopal Church, and this provided her a chance to grow up in Christianity.  Also, her parents had an allegiance to the government of Great Britain, which greatly influenced her life.  In the year 1809, Elizabeth was offered an opportunity to teach in Baltimore, Maryland. The opportunity provided her with a chance to change her life. The most faithful and others who have read or heard about Elizabeth story will agree that her life was a legacy that will remain forever (Merwin 3). On the other hand, Caryll Houselander was born in the year 1901(Houselander and Wright 1). She died in 1954 after suffering from breast cancer (Houselander and Wright 1). Her life can be described as a short one, full of challenges and suffering. Her life was unfulfilling, and she died an unnecessary death. Since the day she was born, life looked unpromising for her. She entered the world in a condition where many believed she will not live long (Houselander and Wright 1). At one point, Caryll struggled with diseases throughout her life. The paper compares and contrasts how both women suffered throughout their lives. Also, it highlights what they had to endure in their lifetime and what role the suffering played in their lives.            

Elizabeth’s life was marked by moments of challenges, uncertainty, and happiness. Her challenges and uncertainties began when her mother died (Tavenner 2). Her mother is believed to have died due to childbirth complications during the birth of her last born sister. The last born sister died the following year after the death of the mother adding to her miseries. Due to the death of Elizabeth’s mother, her dad remarried. Elizabeth’s stepmother was not good to her, and her sister added another challenge to their lives. Her father concentrated much on his career and neglected parenting duties. These issues influenced her life and made her seek refuge in God. Elizabeth and her sister also found comfort in engaging in a lot of writing. Their problems continued to persist and most of the times they found themselves lonely and sad. Most often, during her adolescence years, the thought of committing suicide used to cross her mind. Despite all these, music, journaling and enjoying other activities kept her living and provided her with the ability to cope with life challenges (Merwin 7). Looking at the life of Caryll it was also full of challenges. Caryll was born a sickly child and according to many she was not expected to live long (Houselander and Wright 1). Due to her sickly nature, her parents distanced themselves from her. She grew up isolated, and never enjoyed the love of a mother to a child. Caryll, at the age of six she was exposed to Catholicism through her mother when she converted. She was baptized, and committed to her new found faith in Christ. Caryll since her early age was exposed to both physical and psychological suffering.  She had a complex relationship with her mother, and this made her growing up as a child a challenge (Houselander and Wright 2).  Her mother was insensitive when it came to how she treated her children and treated others, including animals and assorted misfits with care and a lot of humility. Her parents were self-absorbed and weird to continue living together with much success…..

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