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English Composition II – Week 8 Assignment

Revising an Academic Final Draft

Purpose of assignment: To practice revision skills by revising your Week 6 Rough Draft.

Procedure: For this assignment, you will revise your Rough Draft by considering the feedback you have received from your instructor and fellow classmates. Please note that revision is not the same as fixing-errors. While you are expected to proofread your final paper carefully, you will also need to consider global and local revisions. (See your textbook for definitions of these terms.) The goal is to write the best paper you can, and, while you have received feedback from readers (your instructor and the class), the choices of what and how to revise are up to you.

However, please note that your revision must show significant effort to improve the quality of your writing. This may include (but is not limited to) the following:

·  strengthening your argument

·  narrowing the focus of your topic

·  reconsidering your audience, purpose, or exigence

·  writing a more compelling introduction

·  clarifying your thesis

·  tightening organization

·  using credible sources or more fully integrating the sources you have

·  wrapping up your paper with a satisfying conclusion

·  citing and documenting sources correctly.

*Simply correcting errors does not count as revision. Writing a new paper on a different topic also does not count as revision.

The criteria for this assignment are the same as for your Week 6 Rough Draft:

Purpose of assignment: To compose a rough draft of an academic paper, using exigence, audience, purpose, and research.

Procedure: In previous assignments and discussions, you have selected a topic to write about, explored its exigence, audience, purpose, and researched the topic using credible, scholarly sources. Now you will put it all together into a rough draft.

·  The purpose of your essay (to define, to evaluate, or to propose) will be up to you, but your essay must demonstrate a clear purpose.

·  The audience for your essay can be any group of readers who are affected by or interested in your topic. However, there must be a clear and specific sense of addressed and invoked audiences.

The purpose of this essay is not to prove whether you are right or wrong, but to show that you understand the topic well from multiple angles so you can represent it fairly and contribute in a meaningful way to an ongoing conversation about it. You may think of your essay as an “argument of inquiry”: intended to lead your audience to a deeper understanding of an issue that affects them.

Your rough draft should meet the following guidelines:

1.  Between 900 and 1200 words

2.  Includes quotations, paraphrases, and summaries from four or more scholarly sources representing more than one side of the issue

3.  Qualifies authors (i.e., shows why your sources are credible)

4.  Withholds personal opinion

5.  Is written in third person

6.  Multimodal elements, such as photos or graphics, may be included at your discretion

7.  Includes APA Style in-text citations and a References page

8.  Has been closely edited so it contains few or no mechanical errors

Although you will have a chance to revise this essay for Week 8, understand that writing is a process and that no one “gets it right” on the first draft. For this reason, you should allow yourself plenty of time to work on this paper and even write a few drafts before you submit one for peer review and grading. For more on peer review, see below.

Format: Standard essay format of introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should include a thesis statement that expresses the main point of your essay. For an example of an academic essay, see “Echoes of 1776 in 2011: A Rhetorical Analysis of Nicholas Kristof’s ‘Watching Protesters at Risk’” in Chapter 13 of your textbook.

Format the assignment in APA Style: one-inch margins, page numbers at the top right, title page, in-text citations, and a references page.

Submitting the assignment: Attach your essay as a single file Word document or .pdf file and submit to the W8 assignment drop box.

View your assignment rubric.



Anita Cobb


Grantham University

Over recent years, technology has become something that everyone depends on for survival. Different types of sectors have adopted technology all intending to make work easier. The development of technology has become inevitable, and each day, a new kind of technology is invented. However, the main problem has emerged where more technology is developing, the more unique types of security issues are being encountered. The problem of security did not begin in recent years, but it has existed for many years now. The internet began with the invention of web 1.0. This was a very secure we since it was one way. The user could post images or any other information but they could not get any feedback. In short, web 1.0 was not interactive. This was not satisfactory for man as he wanted technology to interact with one another openly. This means that if one posts an image on their side, they can get comments from people and even feedbacks. Despite this advantage of web 2.0, it also brought about its share fare of disadvantages. One major disadvantage was the security issues. The security issues that technology has brought about cannot go unnoticed. Web 3.0 was also developed, but it also brought about more security issues than web 3.0 (Rudman, 2015). For this reason, I believe that cybersecurity would be the best topic to review

This assignment’s main purpose is to educate people on the cybersecurity issues that have risen and how they can be stropped. In recent years, everything has turned digital, and everyone depends on technology to do almost everything. Every other sector has adopted the technology. An example, the bank is no longer what it used to be sometime back, for now, one can bank at the comfort of their homes through their mobile phones. More to this, there has been the development of online platforms through which people do their shopping and have it delivered right to their doorsteps. All these kinds of transactions need to be secured since if the user’s information is in anyway leaked, then the results can be catastrophic. This means that cybersecurity in such a scenario is very crucial. As much as the bank keeps the security of such information, people still become cyber-attacks due to lack of knowledge.

In some cases, users will be asked to fill in online forms, and unknowingly they are submitting their documents and passwords to people with bad intentions of robbing them off. Such people will be victims of cyber-crime due to a lack of knowledge. If only people who do not know much about cybersecurity were educated, then cyber crime cases will be significantly reduced. This is the reason why I believe that the essay can be beneficial to a considerable population (Tsagourias, 2012).

The research targets an audience of those people who are online shoppers, and yet they have little knowledge of the risk of cyber-crime that they face. This group will be affected by the research because it will start off by giving the definition of cybersecurity and going into details on what threats are faced and even various ways through which it can be stopped. By the end of the research, this audience will be capable of identifying a cyber-attack when they see it and even know the best way to stop it. More to this, the research will also affect the organizations that have IT departments. It will not make any sense if one educates people who ought to be protected and ought to defend them are not educated (Kenney, 2015).

Currently, the internet has brought about a lot of changes in the education sector. This is because it has dramatically increased the accessibility of resources. One can be able to access both current and even past information. Cybersecurity is a very current issue but at the same time, the past of cybersecurity cannot be ignored since the history is very important if at all one has to understand the topic in-depth for this reason, I feel that the first resource that can be very important and viable to use is the Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a source that will be regularly updated. An example, it can be greatly used to show the recent types of attacks and where they have been conducted. The resource is viable because it has been updated. Cybersecurity is a sensitive topic, and it would not make any sense if the research paper were to educate people on ancient issues. Cyber threats need to be updated regularly. The second resource that can be used is Google Scholar. This database contains many articles, some of which will directly be related to cybersecurity. The source is viable because it only provides peer-reviewed articles. This means that a lot of research has been done, and the information published in the articles is one that can be relied on. This makes the source very credible. The research that should be presented to the audience must be one that has the right information and one that can be trusted. This means that the information that is presented in the research must be one that can be verified (Rid, 2015).


Kenney, M. (2015). Cyber-terrorism in a post-stuxnet world. Orbis59(1), 111-128.

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Tsagourias, N. (2012). Cyber attacks, self-defence and the problem of attribution. Journal of Conflict and Security Law17(2), 229-244.

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