ethical responsibilities of independent auditors

Can you help me understand this Accounting question?

I would like to have a research on this topic (Ethical responsibilities of independent auditors)

(Before starting, I want an outline of the research to show it to my prof. to get his approve to start the research)

– Requirements:

1. Each student must prepare a 7-10 pages research paper not counting cover page and reference page.

2. Paper must include a minimum of five reference in APA format.

3. The paper must be opted out from TURNITIN database, so I don’t get a high similarity report when I submit it to the professor.

4.Use these resources in the research:

-The Journal of Accountancy

-CPA Journal

-International Journal of Auditing

-Managerial Auditing Journal.

-Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory

– Research Paper:

•Do not use bullet points or an outline.

•7-10 pages, not counting cover page and reference page.

•12 point, Times New Roman font.

•1” margins on all sides.

•Double spaced.

•The first sentence of every paragraph must be indented .5”.

•APA citation style for both in-text citations and reference page.

•All pages numbered, centered at bottom of page.

– Cover page: (all centered) Title of paper



One page stating/identifying the issue(s) and describes what the paper is about.

– SECTION TITLES AS APPROPRIATE (Centered) Subsection Titles as appropriate

– CONCLUSION (Centered)

– REFERENCES (Centered)

– Criteria that should be followed on the research:

•Grammar and syntax.

•Analyzes the issues.

•Conclusion well-reasoned.

•Minimum number of references.

•Uses APA style.

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