Ethical Stand concerning Research on Human Subjects

 Follow this format as you write your letter:

 Introduction: One paragraph that introduces the topic and contains a clear thesis statement.

Your Position: One or two paragraphs that clearly state your position on research on human subjects and contain support from one of the ethical theories covered in Unit 1. This will contain information from at least one outside source.

 Counter-Arguments: One or two paragraphs that address and refute counter-arguments from the opposing position. This should contain thoughtful reflection, clear analysis and insightful ethical reasoning.

 Conclusion: This summary paragraph will revisit the thesis statement without restating it and touch briefly on the content of your letter. The point of the Assignment is for you to experience the process of writing as an effective tool in helping you to reflect deeply on a variety of ethical issues.

Research that involves human beings as the subjects has been growing over the years. The increasing demand to find solutions to challenging diseases has led to the rapid development of the practice. However, there are many ethical issues concerning the utilization of human beings as subjects in the studies. The paper argues against the technique; there are challenges with the participant’s consent and the privacy of their details.

A participant of any experiment should have the full consent of the benefits, risks, the procedures, and the use of the research. However, there are cases where individuals may have no or little information in regards to the study. For instance, investigators may utilize surplus subjects’ specimen in other research work without full the disclosure of the same to the subject.

Additionally, confidentiality of one’s details is another challenge of the use of human subjects in clinical studies. There is a possibility of one being discriminated against by insurer, employer or educator from the scientific analysis of their specimen tissues (Kapp, 2006). The disclosure of research through publications may bring unexpected negative implications to the participant…..

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