Explain the head of contracting activity (HCA) responsibilities

The Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) has a crucial role in the management of the contracting activity. The understanding of the responsibilities of this post ensures efficient contract management. The HCA has a duty of making sure that all contract actions adhere to the acquisition regulations, procedures, policies, and laws. Also, the HCA evaluates the contracting staff and all the supporting aspects of appropriate placement and structuring of the contracting offices. The success of these departments requires the HCA to provide the necessary resources and well-trained personnel. Furthermore, the HCA has to make sure that the individuals that execute the contracting activities are experienced with proper warrants (Stanberry, 2013). The personnel must receive appropriate training concerning the procurement regulations to enhance integrity.

Additionally, the HCA has to ensure that procurement actions are done promptly by avoiding unnecessary requirements and detailed or vague specifications. In this case, the HCA has to advocate for proper preparation and planning of the procurement procedures. Moreover, the HCA should ensure concise and accurate documentation….

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