Family Systems Theory

Find three peer-reviewed journal articles in the Walden Library databases related to a human and social services program that interests you professionally. You may wish to use the program you selected for this week’s Discussion. Consider strengths and limitations when evaluating the articles. Finally, consider potential ethical issues in conducting secondary research. The Assignment (3–4 pages): •Briefly summarize each article you selected. •In your summary, provide an evaluation of the articles (accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage). •Finally, explain one potential ethical issue of conducting secondary research. Include how you might avoid this ethical issue. •Be specific, and provide examples to support your answers. Reference: Walden University Writing Center. (2009). From research to writing: An exercise in synthesis. Retrieved from

Issues in caregiving for older people with intellectual disabilities and their ageing family carers

The article describes the topic on the issues that arise during the process of taking care of the aging population especially those with intellectual disabilities. The authors engage in research using the secondary data collection methods. The research involves the review of several peer-reviewed articles previously written by scholars addressing the same topic (Ryan, Taggart, Truesdale-Kennedy, & Slevin, 2013). The review is undertaken using a framework derived from the NHS Center for Reviews and Dissemination. The reviewed articles were identified using the various databases which included the Science Direct, CINAHI, MEDLINE and the Blackwell Synergy. The major issues that emerged from the research were the role of the people responsible for taking care of the aging population, and the support provided by various bodies including the government to facilitate caring for the aged. The aged people with intellectual disabilities are likely to remain unmarried due to their disabilities implying that they do not have children who can take care of them (Ryan, Taggart, Truesdale-Kennedy, & Slevin, 2013). Throughout their life, the individuals depend on of the parents and are left without anybody to care for them upon the death of the parents, a situation which complicates the planning of the caregiving processes.

The emergency of the special category of the mentally challenged aged citizens necessitates the development of a support structure to take care of the group.   The article effectively uses the available information to come up a recommendation on the measures that should be enforced to properly address the issue of caring for the aged population. The article provides an accurate, objective, and a detailed view of the current situation facing the mentally impaired aged individuals. However, the authors could be subjective when deriving the information from the secondary sources, and this presents an ethical issue of the research (Ryan, Taggart, Truesdale-Kennedy, & Slevin, 2013)….

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