Fashion Entrepreneur Interview Guide (contingent on time available)

Entrepreneur before they started the venture

What is the entrepreneur’s educational background?

What is the entrepreneur’s previous work experience (before starting the venture)? Did the entrepreneur  have any role models when growing up?

Did the entrepreneur do entrepreneur ialthings as a youth?

When did the entrepreneur know he/she wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur at the time he/she started the venture

What was the entrepreneur’s primary motivation for starting a business? What were the factors that led him/her to start the venture?

Did the entrepreneur seek to establish a “lifestyle” business, a “fast growth” business, or what? Did their growth orientation change over time?

What sort of resources (not just financial) did the entrepreneur have when they started the venture? What resources did they not have and wished they had it? What sort of network did they have? Were there any especially creative things they did to come up with the needed resources?

Did the entrepreneur write a business plan?

What kind of research did the entrepreneur undertake when starting the venture? Did the entrepreneur feel prepared to start the venture at the time he/she started it?

How long was a typical work day and work week when the entrepreneur first started the venture?

Entrepreneur as she/he grew the venture

How have the entrepreneur’s goals and values changed since starting the venture?

Did the typical work week change as the venture grew (in terms of how much time the venture required and in terms of how the entrepreneur allocated his/her time)?

Did the entrepreneur make assumptions when they first started out that subsequently  proved to be wrong? What sorts of insights were gained?

What  key mistakes  did the  entrepreneur  make along the  way?  What  were  some  of the  key lessons learned? (ask about their greatest and their worst moment)

Entrepreneur today and tomorrow

What would the entrepreneur do differently if they had it all to do over again?

What key personal characteristics does the entrepreneur see in himself or herself that were especially critical for achieving success with this particular venture?

What kind of leader does the entrepreneur  believe he/she is?

What are the entrepreneur’s plans for the future in terms of the venture? What is the entrepreneur’s “exit strategy” or do they have one?

What advice, based on his/her own experience, does the entrepreneur  have for a student interested in starting a venture today?

Value Proposition


What products and/or services are provided? What are the major features? Describe the environment (size, decor and layout, etc.)*

Where is it located?

How is the product/serv ice produced and delivered?

Collect copies of brochures, menus, price lists, advertising and promotion material Do your observat ions confirm the owner’s description?*

Target Market

Who does the owner consider to be the target market? Why?

(See Appendix 3 for marking criteria for fashion entrepreneur assignment)

You are required to attach a signed CEO attachment to your assignment as per following page

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