Look for the following examples from past eras. You may use the
internet (sites like WGSN, Fashion Snoops) and fashion magazines,
to locate images.
Use the pictures to define the following terms in a visual way.

  1. Fads
  2. Classics
  3. Styles recycled from previous eras
    • 2 images minimum per term
    • Mention clearly which term the images are visually depicting
    and the era it is from.
    • Try to put each term on one page of the document.
    • Put your name of top of the document clearly.
    • The document should be in pdf form and emailed before the
    class on the due date
    Any extra information provided (relevant and to-the-point) will be
    considered as extra points. However good presentation and
    creativity in the document /presentation is important.

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