Field Trip to Gaylord Resort and Convention Center

Flow of Events

The field trip to the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center was well planned, and every participant was ready to be part of the journey. I arrived at the hotel at 8 o’clock in the morning. The meeting at the hotel was scheduled to begin at precisely 9 o’clock. I made an effort to arrive early to avoid inconsistencies with the set schedule. The place was calm with workers responding to their daily duties. The entrance of the hotel was deserted with a couple of employees to welcome the guests. I walked into the hotel and went straight to the reception where I was guided where to go. Since I was early, I was offered an opportunity to tour the hotel and observe its rich and beautiful environment. After about one and half hours the meeting was called to the hotel’s meeting room. The reception at the meeting was warm and welcoming with chairs well-arranged behind a large dais. Breakfast was served for the first thirty minutes before the start of interactive sessions.  The management of the hotel welcomed the guest the program was handed over to Ramin, Guillermo, and Jimmy who discussed the banquets, F&B and glass cactus respectively. The executive chief was then invited to address the mass and responded to a few questions about the hotel and its management. Jason then delivered a presentation on the room and the offers available at the hotel. He explored all the offers against their entitlements and prices. Martha’s exposition followed his presentation on marketing and the marketing tools that the hotel employs to capture a significant market share. The revenue management team; Tegan Larsen, Jenny Priwitzer and Naomi Rodriguez explored the scope of income management and how it helps to empower the other functional sectors of the hotel. At 11 o’clock Larry Dulski explained the role played by the finance and accounting department in ensuring economic growth of the hotel. His presentation was closely tied to Scott Cooper exposition in the engineering department and the role it plays in ensuring the hotel’s competitive advantage. The presentations were finalized by Gracie and Adrina’s elucidation on the Human Resource department and its role in the organizational structure of the hotel. At noon, the meeting was called off, and everyone was asked to partake in a guided tour at the hotel. The tour, conducted by McKenzie, Tish, Adrian and Carlos explored all the features of the hotel: rooms, recreational amenities, cooking facilities, conferencing facilities, power and water sources, recycling tools and environmental conservation tools.

Observation on the Property and the Conduct of the Managers and Employees. The hotel is built on a large piece of land in a calm and reserved neighborhood. The location of the hotel provides a better chance to get guest and customers for its services and products. The first impression of the hotel is classy, calm and peaceful. The employees handle guests with respects and warmth. The smiles on their faces were assuring and relaxing, and any guest can feel the warmth of the environment. Interacting with manager made me develop a convinced admiration to how the company has been able to grow and nature its organizational culture. The manager was soft spoken, calm and did not seem to be overwhelmed by the position and authority of the manager’s office.         The rest of the employees were well dressed and everyone seemed to understand his or her responsibilities. The challenge that most organizations face is the inability to shape a comprehensive organizational culture perfectly. The culture at Gaylord Resort and Convention Center is inclined towards achieving the set organizational goals. Each employee seemed busy, confident, and satisfied to be a part of the hotel. They all showed enormous support to all the visitors touring the hotel and depicted professionalism and prowess in the hospitality industry. Anybody could observe that the hotel had the best workforce and it defined the position of the hotel in the market. Its competitive advantage is a developed and maintained by the rich human labor, skills and minds that are employed to take care of specific duties at the hotel.  I can describe the hotel as the best hospitality company as far as peace, love, and warmth of the environment is concerned…

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