FIFA Situational Analysis

  • I am supposed to  write a situational analysis about a sporting organization.These are the requirementsYou are required to produce an environmental analysis for a sport organization (Word Limit- 1500words). 

This task will involve conducting an environmental scan of the organization’s internal and external environments and produce a detailed analysis of the results. The understanding gained from this will be synthesized in the form of a situational analysis with the overall project being presented in report format.


The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an international sporting organization that was started in 1904 and is governed by the Swiss Law. FIFA has headquarters in Zurich and has 211-member countries (FIFA 2017a). The goal of FIFA that is embedded in its Statues is the continuous improvement of football across the globe. The intent of this paper is to conduct a situational analysis that will address the internal and external factors affecting the organization.

The Mission Statement

 The mission of the organization is to develop the game, touch the world, and ensure a better future for all stakeholders. Football is played by millions of people around the world, and FIFA has the mandate to control and grow the game across the world. The role of FIFA in international football is not limited to organizing the FIFA World Cup, but it also entails other fundamental aspects of managing the game globally (FIFA 2007, p. 5).

The Vision Statement

The organization’s vision statement alludes that it is committed to promoting the game of football, protecting its integrity and making it available to all people (FIFA 2017a). The vision of FIFA is facilitated by various guiding principles, which are concrete and measurable objectives.

Organizational Values

The role of the organization is strengthened by the values which are upheld by its workforce and members. The guiding principles of the organization include transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and cooperation. The transparency entails ensuring that the organization is transparent in how it is governed and engages in growing football as well as how the business is conducted and how it engages with the stakeholders. The mission and vision of the company need accountability for them to be achieved. In this light, FIFA is to be held accountable by all stakeholders across the globe who participate in the football game, including players, coaches, referees, and fans. The value of inclusivity alludes that FIFA will be a reflection of the world and the community in which it serves. Another fundamental value that guarantees the success and sustainability of the organization is that of cooperation. In this context, the organization will engage in the diverse ecosystem to guarantee that it shapes the future of the football game (FIFA 2017b). As an international sports organization, FIFA plays an imperative responsibility in the football world.

The situational analysis facilitates the development of insights about the environment in which FIFA operates. In this context, the internal and external environment of the organization will be addressed.

Internal Environment

The internal environment entails the factors that enable the organization to achieve its mandate, which are the strengths as well as weaknesses that prevent it from achieving its mandate. FIFA like many other international sports governing bodies has developed considerably over the years. The mandate of the organization has increased from organizing football organizations to a powerful economic enterprise. The organization has existed for over a century, and it has grown to become one of the key international bodies with over two hundred countries being members of the organization…

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