Final Essay For Holocaust History Class

 In an essay that includes facts, names and dates, provide an answer to the question below:

According to Elie Wiesel, “the literature of the Holocaust does not exist, cannot exist. It is a contradiction in terms, as is the philosophy, the theology, the psychology of the Holocaust. Auschwitz negates all systems, opposes all doctrines… A novel about Treblinka is either not a novel or not about Treblinka; for Treblinka means death—absolute death—death of language and of imagination.”

Who is Wiesel? Do you agree or disagree with his statement? Can literature, poetry, and art of the Holocaust exist after the event, or does, as Wiesel asserts, Auschwitz negate all systems? Why? Why not? Does Wiesel’s statement apply to other forms of memory, memorialization or representation? If Wiesel is correct, what are the wider implications for the study of the Holocaust? If we cannot represent it can we ever fully understand it?

Although no prescribed length is required, your essay must be long enough to answer the question. Remember to think critically and to provide analysis in your answer. Feel free to incorporate any ideas or quotations from our course readings and other sources that you wish, in fact I encourage you to do so. You must however, provide citations and use an appropriate system of citation (i.e. MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style).

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