First Computer Companies

The computer history timeline obtained a breakthrough after the discovery of an electronic computer with a stored program.  The contemporary specialty where computer technology has offered a major boost is the business sector. Thus, the First Computer Company that served as a yardstick for business development is the Remington Rand in collaboration with Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company that made UNIVAC as the foremost computer to be utilized as a commercial tool. The rise and public attention for the UNIVAC computer happened after its successful utilization in the coverage of the US 1952 election. The starring role in the election made it be regarded as the household and commercial computer. Remington Rand obtained the popularity after the utility in an election that saw its business expand and even acquired ERA Company to boost its business operations. The other main commercial clients of the Remington Rand Company were the US military and insurance companies alongside other organizations who used UNIVAC applications.  The other notable company that was responsible for the rise of UNIVAC was the ENIAC. ENIAC is among the First Computer Companies created by John Mauchly, who later contributed to the formation of UNIVAC as his brainchild.            

One of the important features of UNIVAC was its supervisory control console that had the ability to initiate the functioning of the UNIVAC, interrupt or halt it. The console sent data to the computer with an oscilloscope being connected to it for maintenance purposes. The First Computer Company, Remington Rand is the standout manufacturer of the first ever commercial, general-purpose and versatile computer….

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