Flight Centre

url: http://www.flightcentre.com.au/holidays/australian-holidays

you need to act as you have build this website, i have already build the website using joomla

1) you need to write related to the website given

2) please don’t copy anything from website

3) i have uploaded text book as well check it and attempt the paper

Executive Summary

This report will focus on a website prototype titledFlight Centre. The website will seek to enhance Flight Centre’s e-commerce presence. The company will have a chance to pick hybrid, public, or a private cloud computing models for its operations. It will select public cloud-computing model because of its availability and scalability. Flight Centre will also install a high-tech online booking system to support its websites. The company will also reinforce its whole IT operations by installing numerous new ventures aimed at enhancing the company’s support areas and productivity.

 Flight Centre’s will adopt some best practices that will enabled it protect the integrity of its online store and the privacy of its customers’ data. They include settling on a secure e-commerce platform, using protected connections for online checkout, ensuring that the website is PCI compliant, not storing delicate data, and necessitating strong passwords. Other measures include creating a system that will notify website administrators of any suspicious activity on Flight Centre’s network, layering website’s security, monitoring the website frequently, and ensuring that whoever is hosting it does so too. Flight Centre will also adopt across channels integration to offer its clients with the similar experience online as in their offline stores.


Advancements in information and technology have made e-commerce possible through the growth of the internet. This progress has affected both the industry and the consumer behaviors in sectors of tourism and travel (Connor 2015). The advancements in technology have presented numerous opportunities to the tourism and travel industry because the sector has been able to increase through the application of e-commerce services to appeal and entertain tourists. E-commerce technology has been existence for the 20 years and has accomplished noble outcomes concerning marketing the tourism products. Currently, consumers have more choices with respect to holiday and budget planning. More than 95% of the internet users have used the web to collect travel and tourism related information (Engku & Tengku 2015). Nearly, three out of four online travel consumers search the international for vacation-related information before making a purchase. This report will focus on a website prototype titledFlight Centre. The website will seek to enhance Flight Centre’s e-commerce presence.
The major hindrance that was experienced in the research was choosing the right methodology. I overcame this challenged by choosing appropriate study design. Through the research, I noted that to access global tourism destinations numerous people chose to use internet facilities. Internet-based marketing is progressively becoming very popular because foreign tourism corporations may not have proxies in every country in the world…

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