Football Club Dilemma: Greenyard Football Club


Please complete the various sections of this case study template included below.

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3.         The Organisation: (Max 100 words)

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5.         Executive Summary: (Max 200 words)

Summary of project undertaken and benefits achieved.

6.         Purpose of Project / Business Challenge: (Max 300 words)

Describe why the project was initiated, a description of the current situation, the stakeholders involved, and the project objectives.

7.         Solution: (Max 400 words)

Describe the solution implemented including technologies, datasets and resources utilised, the steps to implementation and associated timeframes.  

8.         Benefits: (Max 200 words)

Outline the main outcomes and benefits of the project, both qualitative and quantitative, to the organisation including any available data. Include details of any measured and/or estimated financial benefit to the Organisation in implementing the solution in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) – Benefits vs. Costs.

Write a 750-1000 word case study about the following issue:

You are the owner of a soccer club whose wins this season have been so bad that the club is under risk of descending from the premiere league it is currently in, down to a lower, inferior league next season. There are still only a few games left in the season but opportunities for a successful reversal are narrowing.

•Write an intro to describe the current situation of the club.

•Analyze the dilemma the club is confronting.

•Weigh in the risks of various possible solutions. You may think of ideas such as the following or you may develop your own: for instance, you may consider replacing the general manager of the club, offering bonuses to players, or changing the captain and the roles of some players of the team.

•Write a conclusion in which you cautiously attempt to offer the best solution under the various complicated circumstances.

            Greenyard football club has been recording poor performance in the regional league lately. The position of the club in the league is worsening due to the increasing number of losses the club is recording in their matches. The management, players, and fans are on the verge of losing hope in their club and their players. The most heartbreaking aspect of the loss of Greenyard is that it will be forced to participate in the junior league next season. The flaws of the players and losses recorded during the matches affect everyone who supports the club and wants it to grow into an active winning club. The club is on the verge of collapsing, losing fans, losing players and being ejected from the leagues. The situation is terrible since the whole organization has tried their best to arrest situation without success. How can the club catch up and restore its chances in the leagues? Why are they losing? Who is responsible for the losses? Are there odds of arresting the situation before it is too late? The whole club is under pressure to perform and restore itself. Players are the most affected unit because they are directly associated with the failure. Fans are throwing blames to the players and insulting and asking them to step up and perform. The manager, on the other hand, is under pressure to reform his organization, empower his players and restructure his routines to achieve success. The whole football club is under pressure, division, reorganization and struggling to catch up with the other well-performing clubs…

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