Forensic Examination Tools

Explain what tools the forensics team uses for each platform. If the team uses one tool for more than one operating system (OS), explain that. At a minimum, include a discussion on tools for the following:
1.UNIX-like systems
2.Windows systems
3.Identify any special add-on features to tools that may be necessary (e.g., write-blockers).
4.Explain how the team uses these tools in your organization (e.g., designated laptops, specialized lab setups, etc.). the organization is from paper #164924098
5.Explain why the team uses the tool with this specific configuration.

The forensics team working at Peterson Consultancy used several tools to identify the challenges and their solution in the Electronics Management Plan (EMP). The team started by acquiring the tools and equipment required in various forensic examinations. The strategy involved a thorough analysis of the types of operating systems, hardware and environments required to analyze various sectors. An effective environment was established by setting up a lab, where all activities were converged. Working in the same area facilitate collaboration in the use of tools and equipment and sharing of ideas and skills available within the team (Vecchio-Flaim, 2001). Additionally, there was portable forensic equipment such as laptops that were used for field analysis. The selection of the tools followed the identification of their strengths and weaknesses based on the proposed solutions and situations they were needed. The importance of computer forensics has led to the development of various tools that are designed to conduct investigations using evidence from digital data. The aim of the investigation at the Peterson Consultancy firm was to identify the actors and the loopholes that compromised the system. For effective research and investigation, the forensics team used a combination of forensic tools that were readily available and based on the budget and the expertise of the team. The tools used were based on UNIX-like and Windows systems…

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