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Instructions—Your response should beapproximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. (Theseguidelines are approximate; if you write a bit less for one answer, write a bitmore for another. Just be sure that the total is something like 450-500 words.)For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name ispresent. Double space.


1. What are the features of climatechange that render the issues involved so alien to our usual notions ofcommonsense morality? (75 wds.)

2. Jamieson says that ideas to revisecommonsense morality to encompass a unique issue like climate change take twoforms (strategies). Describe each and relate problems with each (100 wds.)

3. Jamieson says that in his view anethics for the Anthropocene would have particular character traits. What doeshe call those traits and how does he characterize them? Also, brieflydescribe them (100 wds.)

4. How is justice within the context ofclimate change in some ways similar to, but in more ways different from,traditional concepts of global justice? (75 wds.)

5. See the Climate & Destiny article (attached to Blackboardassignment on Monday, the 25th), and answer the question posed in the lastsentence. You may use anything in Jamieson or any climate news article we’veread to answer, which will help your grade. (125 wds.) 

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