Freedom for Women before the Civil War

read book “Sue Monk Kidd “The Invention of wings” ”。 It is about woman freedom . you have to have 3 quotes                                               


The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd is a book that revolves around the lives of two women during the era of slavery in America. The story spans thirty-five years and gives insights on the evolution of the characters as they grow up, concerning slavery and their understanding of freedom. The two main protagonists in the story occupy different positions in society. Sarah Grimke is the daughter of a wealthy white man, and her father is a superior court judge, while Handful is the daughter of a slave. According to the historical context of America, during the era of slavery, Sarah was part of the elite in society; white and rich. On the other hand, Handful occupies the lowest rank in society; the black daughter of a slave, a slave out of birth. As a result of factors that are beyond their control, Sarah finds herself in a position of power and monitoring over slaves, while Handful is among the oppressed. However, in spite of societal expectations, Sarah is not free, both physically and mentally. Conversely, Handful exercises a higher degree of mental freedom than Sarah. The story by Kidd, therefore, goes to show that some people can exercise freedom of body while mentally enslaved.

How is Sarah’s Freedom Limited?

From the introduction of the story, Kidd sets the context to show barriers in mental and physical freedom. Sarah, the white daughter of a wealthy slave master, exhibits a moral disconnect with the practice of slavery. Her position in society deems her free in body and mind, but Kidd shows that this is not the case. On her eleventh birthday, Sarah is given Handful as a gift. “This is our little Hetty. Sarah, dear, she is your very own waiting maid” (Kidd 87). Sarah’s moral awareness forces her to refuse the gift of a slave, but this request is denied. “I’m sorry mother; I can’t accept…I don’t need a waiting-maid, I’m perfect without one” (Kidd 88). As such, the writer shows that despite her position as a white woman, she did not have freedom of choice…

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