Freedom is Not Free

Freedom can mean different things to different people. Freedom is the feeling of not being under confinement or simply being free. The confinement can be either internal or external control or force. Internal confinement occurs when the individual feels like they cannot express themselves emotionally, physically, or intellectually, and it is often attributed to low self-esteem (Wandycz 8). The individual does not believe that they have the capacity to do so and hence, constrain themselves in their prison. Only counselling and a good talk can provide the necessary freedom desired. Freedom from external control can involve a change in legislative regulations or political power, and the individual can have the freedom to express their views on the government, freedom of movement or freedom of association (Uzukwu 3). About social, political, and personal liberty, there have been several debates over the years about the price of freedom. The discussion attempts to decide if freedom is indeed free and if it is not, who pays for it and how. The following paper will discuss exactly that and focus on the value of freedom in the society. There is always a cost to freedom whether good or bad, and someone has to pay. It is never free.

Many experts lay claim that freedom has no market value since it is too precious. If it did have value, then it would not be affordable. People cannot overstate freedom. It is for that reason that we live as we do and propels us to fight for our rights (Stagich 27). Cases in point, the refugee Jewish living in parts of Ukraine flee to attain their freedom of faith, for which their hosts threatened their lives. The largest limitation of freedom is the fact that many people tend to take it for granted, thus misused. When misused, consequences follow, and a price is paid. As mentioned earlier, freedom means differently to different people. A good instance for example is the freedom of making decisions over one’s body, where some people interpret it as the freedom to bring harm to the self (Wandycz 30). It can be through consumption of harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol and the price paid is high. The individual does not walk away freely but rather has to deal with health problems in the future and even death. That kind of freedom is not free; someone must pay, and the price is high…

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