Future Report

OVERVIEW Working like a film director you will create a conceive and visualise a future Scenario along with an imaginary character ( persona) who inhabits this world. This process of speculation or Design Futuring will support the creation and design of a fashion collection for Task 3. This task is designed to develop your imaginative, conceptual, and visual and research abilities. The components include: Part A) FUTURE REPORT (researching-what happening at the moment) A 800 word report forecasting report addressing future developments in technology, science, culture, communication, transport, lifestyle, cities, attitudes, values and culture more broadly.(each >100 words)

Movies provide a platform that allows film directors to express themselves and the world around them. As a result, the films feature numerous aspects of individual and societal life. The current future report will explore the depiction of various themes in movies as expected in future.

1. Technology

Technology is a catalyst for growth of the film industry. The future of the sector is dotted by the infusion of technology. Film directors have adopted the use of technology to improve the production process and the final customer experience. Significant trends in movie technology include the use of robots, exploration of virtual reality concepts in movies, cartoon animation, and 4D films that engage all five senses and create a truly immersive experience for the audience (Degli-Esposti 42).

2. Science

The development of science is a field that has always fascinated movie directors. Hundreds of science fiction films are produced every year. Some of the trends that are continually explored include space travel, development of robots, and superhuman powers generated through science. Marvel, the film production giant, is almost fully based on production of science-fiction movies that explore the lives of superheroes, biological and chemical attacks in cities and space travel.

3. Culture Culture is a part of society that is commonly reflected through the production of film. Movies are created to highlight certain aspects of culture within our societies or in other parts of the world. For instance, the Samurai culture of Japan…

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