Gandhi’s Leadership

Your primary task is to evaluate and examine the leader’s vision, mentors/influences,values in relation to his motivation tactics, leadership style, the leader’s style in relation to followers, and the context in which the leader led over time (e.g., government, industry, military, level of risk, uncertainty).

The paper should address the following:
1. Ghandi’s vision and or purpose
2. His mentors or significant Influences
3. Ghandi’s values or guiding principles
Submission on this project should include:

At least 800 words
APA format, well-organized and structured
Good introduction
At least 2 scholarly references.

A leader affects the direction of the people they lead significantly. Mohandas Gandhi ‘Mahatma’ is among the most influential and greatest leaders in history, who played a huge role in freeing India from the foreign domination. Gandhi was a fearless defender of human rights and the weak in the society using the truth and non-violent mass civil disobedience. The leadership set by Gandhi that entails leading by example has been adopted by other revolutionaries and freedom fighters across the world over the years. Gandhi’s vision was to achieve a democratic social order in India, and his mentors played a role in shaping his values and principles towards achieving this goal. Gandhi was passionate about realizing a non-violent Indian social order.  The building elements of the vision included self-rule instead of the centralized government, local economy, and the uplifting of everyone in the society. Gandhi set out the path to achieving this defining that self-rule over one’s passions, mind and the government must precede the political and socioeconomic change (Friedman, 2008, p. 56). He advocated for spiritual regeneration to attain the real freedom, hence governance would be unnecessary. His vision was also to inculcate the truthfulness, non-violence, high-thinking, and simple-living culture. He demonstrated to his followers by practicing these aspects. Gandhi serves as an example of the need to have a clear vision and the steps to achieve the same. In regards to the local economy, everyone was supposed to do manual work to support themselves…

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