Georgetown University Mulledy Hall Protests

please look for the tittle above and make a research about it. Then answer the following questions:

*Research the student protest 
*Create a post summarizing the following information in the discussion board
1-Why were students protesting? (Their reasons)
2-How did they protest?
3-What was the final result?
4-A thought-provoking discussion question (no yes or no questions) 

Please Cite your sources!

Students from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. were protesting against symbols in the campus that vaguely seemed to endorse a history of racism. In particular, the objection was held against the naming of the institution’s buildings against individuals who seemed to endorse racism. At the center of the row is a hall of residence known as Mulledy Hall. Thomas Mulledy was a President in Georgetown. He sold 272 slaves to a farm in Louisiana to cover debts at the institution. Symbolically, the Mulledy and the University in extension are seen to have promoted slavery.

The students of Georgetown demonstrated by organizing an awareness rally that sought to educate the rest of the population about the heritage of Thomas Mulledy and his role in slavery. From the rally, the organizers collected signatures and pledges from active demonstrators. The next day, more than two dozen students congregated and organized a sit-in protest outside the campus’ president’s office. The learners organized themselves in shifts from dawn to midnight every day until they were allowed an audience with the school’s administration. The student’s also shared messages of their protest on social media to raise awareness…

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