Geospatial Intelligence Operations

Army leaders employ three methodologies for planning, determining the appropriate mix based on the scope of the problem and their familiarity with it, the time available, and the availability of staff. Methodologies that assist commanders and staff with planning include Army design methodology, the military decision-making process (MDMP), and troop leading procedures.

Given the developing situation between Gorgas and Donovia (made up countries for assignment), your unit is preparing to deploy to Poland within the next 30 days, You have been given the Operation Order (OPORD) and are tasked with directing your section to prepare for the upcoming operations.

Given the provided OPORD, describe your plan to manage Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) operations in the scenario above. Ensure you have considerations for GEOINT Architecture, GEOINT Collections, GEOINT Support to MDMP, and GEOINT Support to the targeting process. The plan must be clearly stated and aligned to the scenario and draw on observations and experiences to detail how the plan supports managing and leading personnel.

Descriptions of each of the following considerations provide specific details and/or examples to explain how the writer plans to apply principles discussed in regulations and why plans were chosen would be preferred over other options.
– Considerations for GEOINT Architecture
– Considerations for GEOINT Collections
– Considerations for GEOINT Support to MDMP
– Considerations for GEOINT Support to the Targeting Process

The paper must be constructed using the APA 6 guidelines.

The OPORD and MDMP Chart will be attached to the documents.

The only sources that can be used are military regulations.

I attached all of the regulations except for Geospatial-Intelligence due to it being too large. That regulation can be found:

The intelligence preparation of the battlefield regulation is related to MDMP.

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