Gerontology EC

PROMPT: With the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are that you may live up to a decade longer. What could be the recipe for such success? Besides the readings assigned for this week, for this assignment, I ask you to take the “Vitality Compass” Longevity Calculator. (You may need to create an account with them based on a valid email address, but even if they get your email address, they will not bug you with offers, only ideas.) 

This test will give you a measure of your functional age as compared to your chronological age. Pay attention to the types of items they are asking about…they are signposts to your future behavior(s) as it applies to successful and healthy aging. Then, come up with a realistic plan about how you could incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your life starting today and what healthy habits you would like to generate for your future functional years. Write 2-3 double spaces pages as a reflection based on your test results, research studies, and class material!

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