Give A Feedback About A Website


i need help to give a feed back for this website :

Please look at these slides before you answer the questions( i have attached them )

please answer these questions : 

  1. What interface did youchoose? Why do you think that it’s poorly designed (write a few sentences)? Pleaseinclude a screen shot of the current version.
  2. Based on the content(menu choices or other options) on the existing screen, create a card sortingexercise. Describe how you performed the card sorting exercise. How many peopleperformed the card sort (please have a minimum of two people)? Did theyaccurately represent the target user population (if not, just say so, you won’tbe penalized)? You must list the items on each of the card, and you mustinclude two pictures, one of each of the card sortings. What were the labelsassigned to each grouping? What did you learn from the card sorting?
  3. Given your thoughts onwhy the screen interface was bad, and given the data from the card sortingexercise, please provide a prototype drawing (using any technical tool), forhow you would improve the interface. Use arrows to call out the specificfeatures that are improvements, and write a paragraph describing the specificimprovements.

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