Giving Innovative Ideas in Organizations

• Use an enquiry-based research-orientated approach for leadership and management development in complex situations in a learner specific context
• Propose a valid enquiry which draws on existing cross cultural knowledge and current practice in leadership and management using a robust methodological approach within a realistic time frame and budget in the learner specific context
• Undertake a robust data-driven enquiry based on an investigative proposal negotiated with stakeholders that adds additional value through active participation in a learning community
• Critically evaluate the impact on the identified stakeholders of the actions arising from the enquiry findings
• Justify choice of media to evidence the impact of the enquiry to satisfy and influence stakeholders and to enhance own personal brand
• Evaluate the extent to which the impact of a rigorous data-driven enquiry has, through action, added value to self and organisation and raised awareness of global and strategic issues in leadership and management in a learner specific context

Use an Enquiry Based Research Orientated Approach for Leadership and Management Development in Complex Situations in A Learner Specific Context.

The research will carry out an investigation on giving innovative ideas in organizations and facilitating leadership and management in an organization. The concept and content of the research topic will be derived from different publications and literature reviews to enable a comprehensive understanding of leadership and management. The workforce is most crucial in an organization since different employees are talented differently, and their contribution to the organization provides a unique contribution that will enable the company to have a huge competitive advantage in the market over the other organizations. However, to achieve a huge market share, it requires the effective engagement of the workforce, which is enhanced as a result of a good leadership and management, employee’s involvement and proper implementation of motivation factors in the organization (Pawanchik 1). Through giving innovative ideas in the organization, the company will be able to deal with the problems associated with the operations of the organization. Dealing with these problems will promote the organizations’ performance and productivity.

The research will employ the use of questionnaires, interviews, survey and observations, which will enable interaction and enquiry based research oriented approach. The enquiry based learning will be reflected in the research, with its key characteristics and their implications. The effectiveness of the research will entail consultations from the key stakeholders in the organization. The consultation will enhance the identification of the research problem. The adoption of enquiry based approach will make the investigation to have a better meaning in understanding leadership and management in an organization through communication of innovative ideas among the staff in AUB.

Propose A Valid Enquiry Which Draws on Existing Cross Cultural Knowledge and Current Practice in Leadership and Management Using a Robust Methodological Approach Within a Realistic Time Frame and Budget in The Learner Specific Context

The topic under investigation is suitable based on the organizations’ performance and productivity. There is need to engage the employees in the workplace to contribute their own ideas (Pawanchik 1). There should be no inhabitants that will hinder them from contributing their innovative ideas to the organizations. Moreover, due to increased factors that affects the employee’s involvement in the organization, organizations such as AUB need to employ a strategic approach to handle the underlying problem and ensure there is an effective framework for innovation.

Use of academic publications will be essential in reviewing the literature for further understanding of the topic. The robust methodological approach will entail methodological theories which will provide guidance to enhance better observations, survey, interviews as well as carrying out secondary research. The whole project is expected to be completed within the set time frame of which is subjective to changes that are inevitable since the collection of data may be associated with different challenges such as lack of commitment from the stakeholders.

Undertake A Robust Data-Driven Enquiry Based on An Investigative Proposal Negotiated with Stakeholders That Adds Additional Value Through Active Participation in a Learning Community

The project proposal will be discussed by the stakeholders of the organization so that it will have an impact concerning leadership and management on giving innovative ideas to the organization. For further additional of knowledge, secondary sources will be used in line with the topic under investigation. Academic publications will be used to provide data that will be used for enquiry. Other methods for enquiry will include interviews, questionnaires and review of existing literature. Moreover, the researcher will have to actively participate in the learning community by getting involved with the organization throughout the project.

Critically Evaluate the Impact on The Identified Stakeholders of The Actions Arising from The Enquiry Findings

The project will focus towards its stipulated objectives in order to have substantial findings and recommendations. The impact will be realized from the stakeholder’s feedback through interviews, questionnaires among other methods. The research will have to encourage the stakeholders the effective of involving employees when giving innovative ideas (“Australian Psychological Society” 10). Different organization have different leadership styles, therefore, the research will critically evaluate the management leadership styles so that the investigation will have an impact to the management of the organization

Justify Choice of Media to Evidence the Impact of The Enquiry to Satisfy and Influence Stakeholders and To Enhance Own Personal Brand

The presentation of the findings will use a PowerPoint presentation accompanied with a written report. The reason for choosing PowerPoint is that it will facilitate visual means of giving information easily and effectively for better understanding by the stakeholders. The written report will provide more details concerning the investigation which can be used for reference. Moreover, the presentation will encourage the stakeholders to critically evaluate their leadership techniques to enhance better communication within the organization.

Evaluate the Extent to Which the Impact of a Rigorous Data-Driven Enquiry Has, Through Action, Added Value to Self and Organization and Raised Awareness of Global and Strategic Issues in Leadership and Management in A Learner Specific Context

The findings collected from the field and the recommendations should have an impact to the departments investigated within the firm. The impact should provide value to the organization such as benefits of engaging employees in the provision of innovative ideas to the organization. The aim is to enable the stakeholders in the organization to recognize the areas that require improvement in their leadership styles so that the organization’s performance is increased (Siddiqui 181). Also, the investigation will enable the researcher to increase his/her interactive network by being engaged with different stakeholders of the firm. Moreover, the project will improve the understanding of leadership and management expected in a diversity of cultural phenomenon.

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