Reflective essay (30%)

Word limit: 1,000 words (double spaced)

Due: 30-10-2016

Task description:

For this assignment you will be asked to write an essay based on critical thinking and analysis done throughout the semester. Preparation for the essay is ongoing, based on the following process:

As the semester proceeds, the writing you do in your weekly reflections will provide the notes for writing your final submitted assessment – a reflective essay, which must include issues from across the entire unit content. This means that you must reflect on and discuss at least one issue from each of the following broad areas of globalisation:

  • Political organisation – for example, global governance; ideologies of globalisation; imagined communities and the identity of the nation state; contesting globalisation
  • Economic organisation – for example, global economic organisation; consumption, and the trade and movement of goods and services; economic inequality; the environmental consequences of globalisation
  • Cultural organisation – for example, cultural change and cultural imperialism; migration; social inequality; online media and social networking; identity and diversity in a globalising world


You should include references to at least 6 of the works we have read or viewed over the semester and that are relevant to the points you are reflecting on. You don’t have to limit yourself to these sources, so feel free to bring in additional scholarly or media-based material, either visual or written that inspired you. All sources must be included in a Reference list at the end of your essay, presented in APA 6th referencing format.

Assignment length

Your essay should be 1,000 words in length, not including the reference list.

Economic organisation

Economic inequality and the environmental consequences of globalization

Globalization has been pointed out by many people to have many issues.  Apart from playing an essential duty in bringing all people from different cultures together, it has brought a new phase of economic prosperity, and it has come up with new channels of developments (Benyon &Dunkerley, 2014). The essay will focus global economic inequality, the consequences of globalization on the environment the global governance and online media and social networking.

Economic inequality

Economic inequality is another factor in globalisation that has brought lots of issues among citizens of many countries in the globe. The global economic inequality is getting worse. It relies on the political power in the economy of the world. Even though some states have put in place rules to benefit themselves, the economic inequality is going to rise. The key determiners that are making the matter worse are asymmetries in the IMF and WTO, free trade agreements, structural adjustments and evasion of taxes. The best way to measure economic inequality is by finding the gap between the real per capita income in rich and the developing countries. In the 1960s, individuals in rich countries were 33 times more generous compared to people living in poor countries. However; diverse outcomes were noted when the comparison was made in 2000 (Elliott, 2016). The rich countries had their population 134 times richer than those found in poorer states.

Effects of globalization

Rise in pollution level due to fuel

The amount of fuel used by automobiles transporting goods and services has resulted to increase in the levels of contamination. Fuels contain chemicals such as lead that are hazardous to the health of organisms. However, the noise produced by automobiles has gone beyond the environmental threshold resulting in the pollution of the environment (Panayotou, 2000). Transportation has also been a threat to the level of the non-renewable resources of energy such as oil and gasoline. If globalization will continue at higher rates, it means that all these resources will be depleted (Christoff & Eckersley, 2013).

Soil pollution Globalization has led to mushrooming of many industries in the globe. During the operations of these industries, many chemicals have been injected into the ground…

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